Worst dad ever runs over his own child trying to catch a home run ball

The Mariners and White Sox played a wild game in Seattle on Wednesday. The two teams played to a scoreless tie through 13 innings before the White Sox broke through for five runs in the top of the 14th. But it was in the bottom of the 14th inning that all hell broke loose to the point that a small child got flattened.

Set aside the euphoria of the moment here where Kyle Seager amazingly ties the game with a grand slam and focus on the fan in white who rushes to retrieve the home run ball:

Yep, he just bowled that poor kid right over. It is probably his kid too, so he is going to have a whole lot of explaining to do when he gets back home. What's worse is that it does not appear that he came up with the ball, so all the years of therapy that kid is now going to have to go through because his dad forgot he existed and ran him over to catch a souvenir were for naught.

Way to go, dad. Keep making us all look good!

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