MLB is open to expansion and so much more

Yesterday, before the All-Star Game, Commissioner Rob Manfred was doing his typical “state of the union” luncheon with the BBWAA. It was pretty much all the standard talking points you’d expect from him: fan safety improvements, progress on the pace of play, making instant replay reviews faster and how the league is open to the idea of […]

Are the Angels now the worst organization in baseball?

Are the Angels now the worst organization in baseball? It seems almost impossible that any franchise could ever step to the Marlins and dare displace them atop the dysfunction power rankings. Yet somehow in the last six months and culminating in the resignation of Jerry Dipoto, Arte Moreno and company have shown the world that […]

Pablo Sandoval admits to being on Instagram during a game

When things go bad in Boston, they go bad in a weird way. A few years back, the Red Sox had the big “chicken and beer” scandal, now they’ve got a “Panda and Instagram” scandal after a fan appeared to catch Pablo Sandoval liking pictures of women during a Red Sox game. Surely this was a […]

The Astros are finally removing Tal’s Hill

The Houston Astros are having a terrific 2015 season, sporting the best record in baseball. Still, many expect them to eventually come back to earth. If that happens, it will be disappointing, but their season will still be an unqualified success if only because of the news today that Tal’s Hill is finally going to be […]

Can these struggling contenders get back in the playoff picture?

The season is two months old now, a time when we can usually separate the contenders from the pretenders. Well, usually. It turns out that there is a wealth of teams that we thought would be contenders that have fallen short of expectations so far. With so many teams like this, it is hard to […]

Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval

Are the Boston Red Sox beyond repair or help?

Things aren’t going well for the Boston Red Sox in 2015. They were something of a media darling entering the offseason after spending boatloads of cash in free agency to upgrade their lineup and making some aggressive trades to round out their rotation. Many had them down as the favorites to represent the American League […]

Korean baseball team takes infield shift to an extreme

Some folks around baseball think that the increasing trend of employing the infield shift is hurting the game. They say it kills offense. They say it has gone too far. The proverbial “they” would lose the freaking mind if they saw a MLB team try what this Korean baseball team attempted recently. Yes, that is the third […]

Josh Hamilton

Will the Angels learn their lesson from Josh Hamilton?

The Angels signed Josh Hamilton for $125 million over two years ago seemingly to spite the Texas Rangers. Yesterday, the Angels traded Josh Hamilton back to the Rangers in order to functionally cut off their nose to spite their faces. All they got from the Hamilton experience was a lot of frustration and embarrassment on and […]

Mets manager Terry Collins

Managers entering the season on the hot seat

The season literally just started, but it is never to early to take a look at some managers entering the season on the hot seat. In a season where it seems that just about every team is hoping to contend, there could be a lot of teams with a hair trigger ready to fire their manager […]

Last minute trade options

MLB teams are wrapping up the interminable Spring Training schedules this week in which they’ve spent copious amounts of times evaluating their rosters. Despite that, some teams are going to realize that there rosters have some big ol’ holes in them. With Opening Day just around the corner, it is time for some teams to consider some […]

Jarred Cosart being investigated for gambling

According to the Miami New Times, Marlins pitcher Jarred Cosart may be in hot water after a private Twitter exchange was leaked indicating that Cosart is heavily into sports gambling of some sort: Cosart’s troubles started last night with a gambling expert on Twitter alleging he’d direct messaged a colleague asking for betting advice. Cosart later deleted […]

The worst Opening Day starters of the 21st century

Last week, the Colorado Rockies announced that their Opening Day starter, a prestigious assignment typically reserved for the best and/or most respected pitcher on the staff, would be Kyle Kendrick. As in Kyle Kendrick, quite possibly the worst starting pitcher in baseball in 2014. Ladies and gentlemen, the 2015 Colorado Rockies! Get excited! Upon seeing this news, it […]

Royals celebrating

2015 season preview: Kansas City Royals

No, it wasn’t a dream (or nightmare depending on your perspective). The Kansas City Royals are the defending AL pennant winners. Was their 2014 run a Cinderella story or is this team finally ready to be a power in the AL Central? Depth Chart (as of 3/20) C: Salvador Perez 1B: Eric Hosmer 2B: Omar Infante 3B: Mike Moustakas […]

The most devastating Spring Training injuries so far

Spring Training injuries are just the worst, right? The games don’t even count and yet every year a few teams have the entire course of their season derailed because a key player suffered a major injury. Sadly, this season is no different as we’ve already seen several major injuries impact the season, and we aren’t […]

Angels outfielder Mike Trout

2015 season preview: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

After falling short of expectations for years, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim finally broke through to win the AL West and give MVP Mike Trout his first taste of the postseason, brief though it might have been. Now with expectations once again sky high, are Trout and company ready to take the next step? Depth […]