Jerry Seinfeld to announce Tuesday’s Mets game

In a season when you are playing for nothing, what better idea is there than to have a comedian renowned for creating a show about nothing announce for you?

The famous comedian and noted Mets fan will be joining the SNY broadcast of the Mets-Giants game this Tuesday. Unlike his previous announcing stint of one inning back in 2010, Seinfeld is making an evening out of it, starting with the pre-game show all the way through the completion of the game. Hopefully the longer broadcasting schedule will prompt him to dig a little deeper into his repertoire than a bunch of Lady Gaga jokes like he made last time.

Perhaps we will even be treated to some new material in the mode of his famous observations style.

"Why do they call them Giants? They aren't giant at all. Maybe that Panda guy is kind of big, but I wouldn't call him a giant. That'd just be rude. It should really be the San Francisco Slightly Above Averages."

Of course, this could also be a masterstroke in PR by the Mets as they are expected to announce the results of Matt Harvey's most recent appointment with Dr. James Andrews. If the team is going to deliver the bad news that so many are expecting, there is no better way to soften the blow than to have one of the most famous and beloved comedians of a generation deliver the news.

Either that or this is a very well orchestrated plan to exact his revenge on Mets color analyst Keith Hernandez for spitting on Kramer so many years ago. The government only wants us to believe the spitter was really Roger McDowell, but we're too smart for them, right?

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