Harang traded again, acquired by Mariners

That didn't take long, did it? The Colorado Rockies acquired Aaron Harang and, most importantly, $4.5 million in cash from the Dodgers. Today, the Rockies flipped Harang again, this time the 35-year old hurler has landed with the Seattle Mariners in exchange for prospect Steve Hensley. Colorado also sent over about $2 million in cash to offset the buyout for Harang's 2014 option, leaving the Rox with a tidy profit of about $2.5 million for giving away Ramon Hernandez. Not too bad for a week's work.

As for Harang, he lands in a pretty good spot in Seattle where he should immediately slot into the rotation, likely in place of Blake Beavan. With him being a flyball-heavy pitcher, Safeco Field should be a great environment for him, assuming the home run barrage in the first few games there after moving the fences in has more to do with the poor pitching talent involved. If so, Harang stands a good chance of posting an ERA in the 3.60 range for the third year in a row despite carrying peripherals that suggest his ERA should be much closer to 4.50.

For Seattle, this is yet another move that suggests they are at least semi-serious about competing in the AL West this year. Harang is hardly a difference-maker, but he has the reputation of a workhorse starter that can soak up a lot of innings at the back of the rotation. With all of the transactions he has been involved in thus far this season, Harang actually hasn't thrown a pitch yet in 2013, so it could take a few turns through the rotation before Harange shakes the rust off.

To make room for Harang on the roster, the Mariners designated reliever Kameron Loe for assignment.

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