Yunel Escobar wore homophobic eye black

Just look at the title of this post, "Yunel Escobar wore homophobic eye black."  It almost seems like a story that should appear on The Onion, but it isn't.  No, what you see below is an almost surreal, but entirely unedited photo of Yunel Escobar wearing eye black strips with what appears to be a homophobic slur written on them, via Drunk Jays Fans:

For those that don't habla the español, Escobar has "you are a faggot" written across his face.  To be fair, there are apparently certain areas of Latin America is more the equivalent of calling someone a pussy, so I guess that is a little bit better if that turns out to be the case.  In any event, Escobar is is eye-deep in hot water with both the team and the league who have both promised to investigate.

At best, Yunel is guilty of being incredibly juvenile and stupid for his little stunt.  We don't know what prompted this act or who, if anyone, was the target.  There is even a possibility that he is somehow the victim of a practical joke gone awry.  But at worst, Escobar felt compelled to deliver a hate-filled message for reasons that aren't yet apparent.  Regardless, Escobar is likely facing a stiff punishment.  Earlier this year, Detroit's Delmon Young was suspended for seven games for hurling a homophobic epithet during a drunken, off-field altercation.  One can only imagine the kind of suspension he will receive for a (presumably) sober, on-field incident.

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