Even Jordan Schafer can’t believe the Houston Astros finally won a game

The Houston Astros entered tonight having lost 13 of their last 14 games as well as their last 13 road games.  To say that a win was unexpected is something of an understatement, even though they were playing the slightly less lowly Padres.

One certainly wouldn't blame an Astros fan for having some fun at the expense of their struggling team, especially on Twitter where snark is often the reigning currency.  But to have an actual Astros player express a similar sentiment?  That's a horse of an entirely different color, which is why it was so intriguing to see Houston CF Jordan Schafer send out this tweet mere minutes after the 'Stros finished off a 2-0 victory in San Diego:

Presumably, this is a tweet made in jest, otherwise Schafer is going to be rather unpopular in the Houston clubhouse.  Assuming it was self-deprecating humor, and it probably was, Schafer deserves some credit.  Playing for a down-and-out franchise like the Astros can't be easy, especially in the midst of a miserable few weeks like they have been having, so seeing that Schafer can stil crack wise in the face of it all shows that he isn't letting all the losing get him down is rather refreshing.

For his sake, let's hope he doesn't have to wait another month to post a tweet celebrating another win on the road.

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