Movember MLB Mustache Madness: Former Players, Round 1 – Morris vs. Vuckovich

Up next in Movember MLB Mustache Madness is the starting pitcher matchup of our Former Player bracket.  Both of these entries give us a first for the tourney, one is our first ginger competitor while the other is our first player to cross over into show business.  The common bond?  Fantastic facial hair.

Jack Morris

Jack Morris Mustache

Morris probably isn’t ever going to get into the Hall of Fame, but he most definitely has a Hall of Fame mustache which is almost as good.


Pete Vuckovich

Pete Vuckovich mustache

OK, seriously, do you just get handed an awesome mustache the instant you sign a contract with the Brewers?  Heck, Vuke’s ‘stache was so good that it landed him a prime acting gig in Major League, and as a slugger no less.

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