End of season post-mortem: 2016 Chicago Cubs

Well, they did it. If you were going to draw it up as to how a season in which the Chicago Cubs ended their historically long drought would actually go, this would be pretty close to it. The best team in baseball during the regular season, with 103 wins, was also absurdly likable (with one or […]

Narrative laden NLCS detracts from the real thing

A quick listen to the broadcast of this year’s National League Championship series reveals a not necessarily shocking, but still overwhelming reliance on certain narratives in order to generate and facilitate discussion. Whether Joe Buck or the studio crew, this group loves themselves a good (if often times nonsensical) narrative. Like, they want to marry […]

2016 MLB All-Rookie Team headlined by Corey Seager, Gary Sanchez

Every MLB season brings a new crop of impressive rookies and 2016 was no exception. In the case of a few, we’re seeing budding superstars whose respective careers are in their infancy. Meanwhile, it’ll be interesting to watch the development of others take place over the next few years, mainly to see if they can […]

End of season post-mortem: 2016 Chicago White Sox

It’s become sort of an annual tradition with the Chicago White Sox. Acquire a few pieces via trade or free agency, generate something of a buzz, get fans excited, and ultimately end the season in disappointing fashion. While the season’s first month or so presented a deviation from this norm, their stock ultimately plummeted from […]

Giants catcher Hector Sanchez

End of season post-mortem: 2016 Arizona Diamondbacks

This wasn’t the way things were supposed to go for the Arizona Diamondbacks. With the “disrespect” word being tossed around the desert, along with local sports radio declaring them to be a potential third-best National League club behind only New York and St. Louis (which, I mean, really?), the disparity between expectations and reality is […]

Trying to figure out the enigmatic Boston Red Sox

During the week, Major League Baseball was captivated by yet another offensive performance from the Boston Red Sox. After Jackie Bradley, Jr. nearly hit 30 games with his hit streak, Mookie Betts slugged five home runs across two games, the first leadoff hitter ever to do so. Additionally, Xander Bogaerts has been on a nice […]

The shocking, swift decline of Shelby Miller

The Arizona Diamondbacks have not had the type of year they envisioned back during the course of the winter. Those words have been written and stated verbally in some order and some fashion countless times as we approach the two-month mark of the season. While there’s still plenty of time to hope that they can […]

Is Kris Bryant becoming an elite defender?

When the discussion surrounds the Chicago Cubs, it most often veers directly toward their offense. And rightfully so. Not only do the Cubs have a historically impressive stable of former offensive prospects making their presence felt at the big league level, they’ve added pieces like Dexter Fowler and Ben Zobrist in the last couple of […]

Jackie Bradley Jr

Jackie Bradley Jr. experiencing breakout campaign, but how?

In a season that certainly hasn’t lacked for intriguing storylines, one of the more remarkable situations thus far in 2016 has been the not-so-subtle emergence of Jackie Bradley, Jr. While the Boston Red Sox were expected to return to prominence after a noisy offseason, Bradley, Jr. was something of a wild card heading into the […]

2016 season preview: Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox were set to head into 2016 with renewed expectations, at least to an extent. While they seemed to ignore several prominent free agent, or trade, options that could have improved their ballclub, they did make several additions to a lineup that now looks completely overhauled from last year. These moves, of […]

Sorting out the Arizona Diamondbacks infield

Despite the cries from the desert, from members of the organization and fans alike, it’s difficult to call the Arizona Diamondbacks a legitimate threat out of the National League. At least at this point. Sure, additions like Zack Greinke and Shelby Miller are more than tantalizing, but there’s still quite a bit to be determined, […]

2016 season preview: St. Louis Cardinals

As many of their fans would be the first to tell you, the St. Louis Cardinals have been the toast of the National League Central over the past three years. They’ve taken three consecutive division titles and have appeared in the Postseason in five straight seasons. But with the Pittsburgh Pirates continuing to nip at […]

2016 season preview: Arizona Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks head into the 2016 season as close to a boom-or-bust team as you can get. A team trying to get over the humps better known as the San Francisco Giants or Los Angeles Dodgers, the D-Backs threw heavy money, and even heavier prospects, around as they attempted to upgrade their pitching staff in […]

Dee Gordon locks in for life with Miami Marlins deal

On Wednesday evening, it was reported that the Miami Marlins had agreed to a lucrative five-year, $50 million deal with their stud second baseman Dee Gordon. The deal could be worth up to as much as $64 million if that option kicks in for a sixth year. In what could be one of the more obvious […]