Mark Melancon

Giants fill major hole by signing closer Mark Melancon

Last winter, the Giants went into free agency knowing they needed to upgrade their starting rotation if they hoped to get back to the playoffs. They spent big on Jeff Samardzija and Johnny Cueto, won the Wild Card game, and gave the Cubs all they could handle in the NL Division Series until their bullpen […]

Reds battery Johnny Cueto and Devin Mesoraco

10 MLB players who could be on the move this winter

Trades may not be as exciting during the winter as at the July 31 deadline, but the offseason is always bursting with trade rumors. This year is no exception, especially considering how weak this class of free agents appears to be. Teams that have holes to fill may not want to throw money at poor solutions, and instead […]

8 MLB free agents most likely to be overpaid this winter

Baseball’s offseason is under way, which means MLB teams are acting like kids that just graduated from the eighth grade flush with cash from their aunts and uncles. They have holes to fill and the means to fix them. With the Winter Meetings coming up soon, the deals are going to start hitting fast and furious. […]

The 10 most likely 2016 World Series MVP candidates

The World Series MVP isn’t always the best player on the winning team. It isn’t always the guy who puts up the best stats. And it isn’t always the guy who would seem to be the obvious choice. That’s the beauty of the award: anyone on the roster can have a World Series moment that […]

End of season post-mortem: 2016 San Francisco Giants

It had to happen eventually. No matter how many hashtags and catchphrases the San Francisco Giants came up with, they simply couldn’t win the World Series every time an even year rolled around. However, you can forgive Giants fans for thinking this year’s team had an excellent shot at continuing the trend. San Francisco had […]

Battle-tested Giants have faced long postseason odds before

Cockroaches are notoriously hard to kill. Their tough, rugged exteriors combined with an unmatched ability to squeeze through tight spaces has made them the one creature on earth synonymous with survival. If a nuclear bomb hits, chances are there will still be cockroaches running around after the fallout. The San Francisco Giants have been compared […]

2016 MLB All-Disappointment Team anchored by Jason Heyward, Zack Greinke

Nobody wants to be a disappointment. To your family, your friends, your employer… to anyone, really. Being a disappointment is the ultimate failure, something you always try to avoid. There’s a reason parents say, “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.” They know it’s the worst sting. But sadly, disappointment over a 162-game season is inevitable. There […]

End of season post-mortem: 2016 Colorado Rockies

As the trade deadline approached this past summer, the Colorado Rockies didn’t sell off any of their superstar players. Why? Because they thought they were contenders. And they were serious. Whether or not you think the Rockies actually were contenders is beside the point, really. They thought that they were, and that means the team […]

Brewers 3B Aramis Ramirez

End of season post-mortem: 2016 Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers definitely played baseball this season. That’s one thing you can say about them without hesitation. Was it good baseball? Not always. But for the Brewers, this year wasn’t about contending for the division (impossible, when you share it with the Cubs) or even the Wild Card. It wasn’t even about finishing .500, […]

End of season post-mortem: 2016 San Diego Padres

Ever since being crowned as the Offseason World Champions by nearly everyone two years ago, things have gone downhill fast for the San Diego Padres. Remember that offseason? The Padres made a bunch of splashy moves, adding big name after big name: Matt Kemp, Craig Kimbrel, Justin Upton, Derek Norris, Wil Myers, James Shields and […]

Giants-Dodgers rivalry has provided plenty of MLB September memories

The San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers have one of baseball’s oldest rivalries, a blood feud that dates all the way back to their days in New York. That shared history of hatred makes it even better when the two teams are fighting for a playoff spot down the stretch. And with just a […]

What to make of the struggling San Francisco Giants?

You’ll forgive San Francisco Giants fans if they checked their calendars in mid-July to make sure that it really wasn’t New Year’s Eve and it had suddenly become an odd year. That might be the only reasonable explanation for what’s happened to the team since then. The Giants have been beaten up in the second […]

With MLB trade deadline dust settled, which teams will make the playoffs?

The MLB trade deadline is the time when contenders try to solidify their spot in the postseason, and those on the outside looking in try to elbow those contenders away and claim a playoff bid for themselves. With this year’s non-waiver deadline in the books, which teams look like they’ll be playing into October? Let’s go […]

Winners and losers of the 2016 MLB trade deadline

The 2016 MLB trade deadline has come and gone. That means it’s time for writers, columnists and fans to speculate on which teams did well and which ones did poorly, even though the true outcome of most trades can’t be measured for at least five years. It’s one of baseball’s best traditions! We may not know […]