Live Casinos: What They Are and How to Choose the Best One?

Online gaming has always been a popular activity, but its influence has only increased since the pandemic started. After all, today is a time where people are encouraged to stay at home and find remote activities to invest their time in — which online games have fulfilled. By 2025, the global online gaming market is even expected to reach $67 billion, growing at a year-over-year rate of 7.13%. A huge contributor to the online gaming boom is the variety of categories the field offers, and one of the rising stars of the year is live casinos.

What are live casinos?

Live casinos offer players an opportunity to play games with on-site dealers and other remote players. The games are streamed onto an online casino platform where the players watch and play the games. There are now many big providers that are offering this experience on their platforms. A big portion of the games hosted on Gala Bingo are live casino titles like Dream Catcher, Buffalo Blitz Live, and God of Storms Live Slots. There are even those that are based on popular game shows like Deal or No Deal Live. There are also providers like Vulkan Vegas that mainly offer live casino games, such as card games like Blackjack Live and exotic titles like Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

But with so many live casino game providers, how do you know which ones to play at?

Choosing the best live casino

There are many factors to consider when choosing a live casino, but the two most important ones are the platform’s level of security and whether or not their games meet your preferences. For security, first check if the online casino has the approval of any accredited regulatory boards, like the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and Malta Gaming Authority. Then, check if they offer secure payment options like PayPal and Stripe. The last thing you want to do is directly input your bank account number on their website. This is because while the casino provider can guarantee a certain level of safety, it is still best to add another layer of protection.

For preferences, on the other hand, there are many factors to think about. For example, as mentioned, there are several types of live casino games available. See which ones appeal to you more. Some casino providers also have chat rooms, which are great options if you are the type of player who likes to socialize mid-game. There are even live casinos like Duelz that allow you to interact with the dealer itself. These people will sometimes even address you directly to complete the “live” experience.

Additionally, every casino will offer a certain type of bonus, from sign-up bonuses to specialty bonuses. They change periodically, so take advantage of online casinos that are offering great deals at the moment.

Live casinos are providing a new way to experience online gaming, and their popularity ensures that there will be a lot of titles for you to choose from. Just make sure that you find a trustworthy provider that meets all your criteria.

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