Offseason additions moving Opening Day prices for several teams

The MLB offseason has been wild and crazy. Multiple superstars will be wearing new uniforms in 2015. Some teams have gotten rid of stars for a shot at a good future, while other teams are trying to win now. The teams that brought in the bigger names may see higher ticket prices on the secondary market thanks to the new attractions.

Opening Day games are usually pretty expensive already, and fans have waited five long months to welcome baseball back so they are willing to pay for that experience. These are the home opening ticket prices for three of the biggest movers in the offseason player markets.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres | Avg. Price $182.46 | Get In Price: $58.00

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres are two teams that have made a ton of moves this offseason. It won’t take long to see Matt Kemp’s return to Dodger Stadium. After 9 years in LA, he was traded to the Padres. They also made moves to bring in Will Myers and Justin Upton. This team went from an abomination to a must-see in one offseason. The Dodgers are still the team with the highest payroll in the league. The average price for this game is $182.46, with a $58.00 ‘get-in’ price. Those LA Dodgers ticket prices, according to, are quite reasonable given the success the Dodgers are expected to have in 2015. People want to see Jimmy Rollins and the rest of the Dodgers in their new uniform.

San Diego Padres vs. San Francisco Giants | Avg. Price $189.91 | Get In Price: $25.00

This game is the home opener for the San Diego Padres. Last year, this team wasn’t worth seeing unless a fan was rooting for their opponent. This year is going to be different in Petco Park. They are welcoming the defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants into town. While they lost Pablo Sandoval in the offseason, they are still going to be a favorite to make the playoffs. This is a great matchup to start the season. The Kemp and Upton deals are obviously affecting ticket prices. For the first game of the series, the average ticket price is $189.91, and are going for as little as $25.00. That is clearly thanks to happy Padres fans that bought tickets directly after their team’s big moves.

Boston Red Sox vs. Washington Nationals| Avg. Price: $254.13| Get-In Price: $90.00

The Boston Red Sox fans are one of the best home crowds in baseball. Their opponents for their home opener, the Washington Nationals, advanced to the ALDS last season, but haven’t made any moves to take the next step. The Boston Red Sox, however, have looked to make moves to become a World Series contender again. They brought in Rick Porcello, Justin Masterson, Wade Milley, Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez in different deals. Fenway Park is always going to be a pricey part to get into.

The average ticket price for Boston Red Sox home opener is $272.33 according to  Just to get into the gate, it is going to cost $90.00.  This is thanks to the atmosphere that comes with a Boston crowd on opening day, as well as good competition in the Washington Nationals.