The Festivus Pole

Celebrating a baseball-themed Festivus

Happy Festivus, everyone. In case you’re not familiar with the holiday, popularized by Seinfeld, here’s a brief explanation.

Well, first we’re going to need an aluminum pole. Hey Astros, can you help us out there?

Chick-fil-a add on the foul pole Minute Maid Park

Great, thanks.

Now that we’ve got our pole, it’s time for the airing of grievances. Who wants to start?

How about you, Andrew?



Alright guys, I think that’s enough.

It’s now time for the FEATS OF STRENGTH! Who wants to give this one a go? How about you, Mike?

Giancarlo, I know you want some of this. Go ahead.

Juan, you showed up! The feats of strength is your favorite, do you want to participate?

But you know what? It’s not truly Festivus unless we have a Festivus miracle. And I think this qualifies as a miracle.

Happy Festivus, everyone. And if you don’t celebrate Festivus, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, or Joyous Kwanzaa to you too.

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