Walter White, Phillies fan, would have been too unlikable

Breaking Bad writer Thomas Schnauz tweeted out an interesting picture of Bryan Cranston, who played main character Walter White on the show, in the wee morning hours last night. The picture featured Cranston in a Phillies jersey, and according to Schnauz, White was going to end up as a Phillies fan.

Why was the scene not used? Well…because as Schnauz said in the tweet, the Breaking Bad staff thought it would make him too unlikable.

Don't go too crazy, Philadelphia: Schnauz is just having some fun and doesn't hate you. In real life, Cranston is actually a Phillies fan, and was just goofing around on set filming season three of the show while wearing the jersey. Season three began airing in March of 2010, meaning that filming likely took place sometime before or during the Phillies World Series run in 2009. Hmmmm…the more Walter White's character degrades, the more the Phillies fall in the standings. Maybe with the show completed, the Phillies can be a contender in 2014.


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