Twins ballboy makes incredible catch

Ballboys don't get much love. Sure, the ball*girls* get a lot of love, and the older ball*dudes* get a lot of love, but the regular ol' ballboys typically get ignored. This Twins ballboy deserves some love for making an unreal catch during Thursday's White Sox-Twins game. Alexei Ramirez of the White Sox hit a liner foul in the fourth inning, and the ballboy jumped and caught the ball a split second before it smashed a fan.

Seriously, just watch that video again. Look at the height he got on his leap! Considering how hard that ball was hit by Ramirez, he didn't have much time to react, and to make a play like that is pretty awesome. Furthermore, after making the catch, he nonchalantly gave a fan a fistbump, and tossed the ball to a kid.

My hat's off to you, Mr Ballboy.

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