The Marlins are offering a Groupon…for Opening Day tickets

Using Groupon to pick up slagging ticket sales is a trend that's becoming more and more common across all sports. Hell, the A's did it last year, and the Cubs did it for a chance to throw out the first pitch. But the Miami Marlins (shocker, right?) have taken things to a new level: they're offering a Groupon for Opening Day tickets.

The Marlins are offering three different packges for the game on April 8th against the Braves at $20, $25, and $45 pricepoints. The $20 tickets are typically $32, the $25 tickets are typically $37, and the $45 tickets are typically $67. Each ticket comes with a $10 merchandise voucher *and* a free ticket to any Marlins home game in April or May. 

This isn't even buy one get one free, it's buy one (for less than face value), get one free, plus get some free merchandise. What does it say about this franchise that they need to sell Groupon packages for Opening Day? 

For the record, the Marlins sold out Opening Day last year against the Cardinals, and tallied just one sellout over the final 80 games of the season. 

[CBS Miami]

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