The Braves “Screaming Brave” batting practice cap is in MLB13: The Show

In December, MLB released the 2013 editions of batting practice caps for all of the teams across baseball. The Braves BP cap featured their logo from the 1980s, nicknamed the "screaming Brave". The Braves eventually backpedaled and released a more conventional (read: boring) BP cap, featuring their script A colored red on a blue cap. But according to sports gaming website Pastapadre, in MLB13: The Show, the Braves will be wearing their screaming Brave caps. Perhaps that indicates the team and the league had no idea that there was going to be such a controversy surrounding the logo on the cap.

The game will be released next Tuesday (March 5th), and that release date is too soon for the manufacturer (SCEA, Sony's in-house development team) to change the caps to what the Braves are actually wearing. I'd expect the hats to be replaced with a patch soon after release though. At any rate, the hats' inclusion in the game shoots a hole in the theory that the design was merely a finalist as opposed to what was actually chosen to be on the caps this spring.


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