LSU player does full flip in vicious home plate collision

Check out this bit of craziness from the college ranks. During Thursday night's Ole Miss-LSU matchup, LSU left fielder Raph Rhymes hit a sinking liner to center field. Ole Miss CF Auston Bousfield dove to make the catch, but whiffed, and the ball rolled all the way to the wall. Rhymes got on his horse and tried to score on the play. The throw was up the third base line, and Rebels catcher Stuart Turner attempted to catch the throw, but Rhymes collided with him. After the collision, Rhymes ended up doing a full flip in mid-air before touching home plate, safe with an inside the park homer.

You really can't blame Turner on this play at all, as the throw was up the line and he really had no choice other than getting into Rhymes' way in the baseline to field the ball. Rhymes also didn't maliciously go after him and try to take him out, like you see far too often. All in all, this was a crazy play that could have wound up much worse for both parties. The second-ranked Tigers would go on to win the game 7-1.

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