Jean Segura stole first base last night

During Friday night's Brewers-Cubs game, Milwaukee shortstop Jean Segura had what can best be described as "an adventure" on the basepaths during the eighth inning of the Brewers' 5-4 win.

After reaching on an infield single, Segura stole second base during Ryan Braun's at bat against Kevin Gregg. After Gregg walked Braun, Shawn Camp came in to replace the Chicago reliever. Segura took off for third, and Camp picked him off. As third baseman Luis Valbuena chased Segura back to second, Braun broke for second on the play. 

Valbuena tagged both Segura and Braun as they were on second base. Per the rules, the traiiling runner (Braun) was out on the play, and Segura was entitled to second base. But Segura began jogging back to the dugout before realizing he was safe, and slid into first base safely. Essentially, he went backwards on the bases for no real reason.

Then, Segura attempted to steal second base for the second time in the inning, but was thrown out by Wellington Castillo.

So to summarize, Segura successfully stole second base once in the inning, was thrown out trying to steal second once, and Braun was picked off going from first to second on a play where the pickoff throw went to the third baseman. Got all that? Good.

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