Indians selling caricature of indian t-shirt on website

Just when we thought teams had learned their lessons about Native American imagery, the Cleveland Indians have put the above t-shirt for sale on  their website. The shirt features an extremely stereotypical and somehow more offensive Chief Wahoo caricature. The logo in question was the team's primary logo from 1946-1950, so it's not as if it was some sort of integral part of team history…just another excuse to try to bleed money out of fans, with the likely logic being "well, this was the logo being used during the 1948 World Championship year!" Please.

Earlier today, the Atlanta Braves backtracked from using their "screaming Brave" logo on their batting practice caps, instead opting for a red A on a blue cap. I actually think the Indian caricature on this shirt is more offensive than that logo, though…this one is just sick on a few levels. I'm not one to jump on the political correctness bus too often, but let's be honest here: this shirt is a disgrace.

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