Fan runs on field at All-Star Game…because of 1000 retweets

During Tuesday's night All-Star Game, you probably noticed a delay as a fan rushed onto the field and was tackled by security before being lef off the field.

Well, it's time to meet that fan. This is Dylan. During the game, he tweeted that if he got 1000 retweets, he'd run onto the field during the game.

Well…he got his 1000 retweets.

Dylan's mom scolded him before he performed his stupid stunt.

But that obviously didn't stop our intrepid hero, who ran onto the field and…well, the results were obvious. Big League Stew brought us the video of the incident.

Once again, this serves as a reminder: DON'T BE STUPID AND RUN ONTO THE FIELD, ESPECIALLY DURING THE PLAYOFFS OR THE ALL-STAR GAME. Dylan, you're not a very bright kid, and I hope the bruises on your body and the cell you're lying in tonight are reminding you of that.

[Big League Stew]

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