Dugout Digest – winding down

There isn't much that needs to be done this winter. After news on Wednesday afternoon that the Braves were back involved in talks for Justin Upton, the deal was completed on Thursday morning for Martin Prado and prospects. Another starting pitcher came off of the market in the form of Shaun Marcum (to the Mets), and another outfielder signed, as Scott Hairston became a Cub. Garrett also explored a unique look at a contract extension for Felix Hernandez and the Mariners, which is definitely worth reading.

In the bizarre news column, the Royals are giving out condiment bobbleheads, Francisco Liriano broke his arm falling in the bathroom, and we got our obligatory Carl Pavano injury out of the way after the injury-prone veteran ruptured his spleen after falling while shoveling snow. Only you, Carl.

Enjoy your offseason, everyone.

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