Dugout Digest – welcome to the offseason

What's this? No baseball for the next five months? Oh. Dammit.

Congratulations to the World Champion Boston Red Sox, and their World Series win on Wednesday night has sent us into the offseason. Just because the regular season is over, that doesn't mean we here at TOC are going to leave you hanging. Our coverage will remain at its usual pace covering the hot stove, and later in the offseason, previewing the 2014 season. The DD will remain a Monday/Wednesday/Friday feature until Spring Training.

If you want to recap the past couple of days, here's our social recap of Game 6, five observations from the series, and the post-mortems for the Cardinals and Red Sox.

We also continued the offseason primers, focusing on a bunch of teams: the Orioles, Royals, Yankees, Rangers, Indians, and Rays were covered over the last two days, and we'll finish up the AL today with the Athletics, Tigers, and Red Sox. Speaking of those Indians, they released closer Chris Perez yesterday.

Enjoy your offseason, everyone.

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