Dugout Digest – now what?

Well, the All-Star Game is behind us after a 3-0 American League victory. During the game, the non-player highlight was probably this fan runnin onto the field…because he got 1000 retweets. Oh. But where do we go from here? There's no baseball today. There's no baseball tomorrow. So I guess we're just going to take today off? Hah. Yeah right.


Mariano Rivera holds up the final out ball from his last All-Star Game. (The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports)

Yesterday, you missed our AL Cy Young award and NL Cy Young award winners, Alex Rodriguez hiring a former wrestler for his security detail, Ian wondered why fewer and fewer fans are watchin the All-Star Game, Garrett looked at whether the Rockies are buyers or sellers, and Amanda looked at the off the field contributions from Curtis Granderson.

Today, we'll roll out our AL and NL MVPs, Garrett has a look at the ideal landing places for several trade candidates, and we'll also explore the Giants in our buyers or sellers series.

Enjoy your…depressing day without baseball, everyone.

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