Dugout Digest – happy Royals day!

AL Central week (also known as "the most depressing preview week in baseball"), rolls along today with the Kansas City Royals, who finished in third in 2012 despite losing 90 games. Of course, that didn't stop the Royals from thinking they were a starting pitcher or three away from contending in 2013, which led them to acquire James Shields and Wade Davis from the Rays, and Ervin Santana from the Angels. And *of course*, the Royals are now laying waste to their competition in Spring Training and mainstream reporters are claiming that they're for real, or something. OK then.

Yesterday was Indians Day on TOC, and here's what you missed.

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Around the Corner yesterday, you missed the Marlins still advertising The Franchise, an incredibly long SWOT Analysis of the Atlanta Braves, and Team USA moving into the driver's seat for the WBC.

Welcome to Royals Day, and enjoy your Spring Training, everyone.

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