Chase Utley finally responds to Mac’s letter from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Remember a few seasons ago on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, when Mac wrote Chase Utley a letter that seemed like a love letter you'd write to someone in third grade?

Well, Utley finally responded to the letter in the above video, explaining to Mac that he's been busy playing baseball and that's why he didn't respond. I *am* a little disappointed that Utley (and Mac, for that matter) is on team "have a catch" as opposed to "play catch". And good for Utley for including stickers in his response to Mac, just like Mac did in his initial letter to Utley!

In all serious, this is a pretty slick marketing move by the folks at Fox in advance of Sunny's season premiere on Wednesday on FXX, the brand new station that has replaced Fox Soccer on your cable provider. Here's hoping Mac develops a man crush on Domonic Brown this season.

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