Carlos Quentin gets eight games following brawl

Following his role in inciting a brawl after getting hit by a pitch by Dodgers ace Zack Greinke on Thursday night, San Diego Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin has been suspended for eight games. Greinke suffered a broken collarbone during the brawl, and will is expected to miss eight weeks.

There was a lot of talk about just how long of a suspension Quentin would get following the incident, and eight games seems to be a happy medium between the usual four to six games that people get for rushing the mound and the double digit suspension that many wanted. Our own Bob Biscigliano put nearly all of the blame on Quentin for the incident, but I really didn't think that the league would go crazy and suspend Quentin for more than ten or so games.

Greinke and Matt Kemp, who reportedly threatened Quentin in the parking lot after the game, weren't suspended, while Dodgers infielder Jerry Hairston Jr got a game after he started a second brawl after the first one had subsided. Both Quentin and Hairston are appealing their suspensions, and it'll be interesting to see if Quentin drops his appeal before the Padres series in Los Angeles begins on Monday.

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