Alex Rodriguez hires former WWE wrestler as part of security detail

Alex Rodriguez is currently rehabbing with the AA Trenton Thunder. BOOOOO A-ROD! But Rodriguez has hired a former WWE wrestler to join his security detail: Gene Snitsky. David Jones of PennLive interviewed Snitsky while the Thunder were in Reading to play the Fightin' Phils.

Snitsky threatened any fans who would potentially attack Rodriguez, saying that, "hopefully the fans stay in the stands, because there could be a problem, not for me, but for them. My advice would be: STAY IN THE STANDS!"

Snitsky, of course, is known for his WWE stint where he was known for causing fellow wrestler Lita to have a (storyline) miscarriage, and later take up a gimmick where he claimed that "it wasn't my fault," which was capped off with Snitsky punting a baby doll into the crowd. Alex Rodriguez, this is your life.


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