VIDEO: Umpire hit in face, starts miscounting strikes

This is actually scary moment from today's Angels-A's game. In the first inning, home plate umpire Bill Miller takes a Zack Greinke 94 mph fastball off of his mask. He shakes the plunking off, but later in the game, punches two A's hitters out on a third strike call…when the pitch thrown was just the second strike. After the second time he did this in the sixth inning, Miller left the game and was replaced behind the plate by second base umpire Dan Iassogna.

It's never a good situation when someone is hit in the head, even when they're wearing a mask or helmet. When the afflicted person is showing symptoms like Miller was today, it's very scary. Good looking out by Iassogna to replace Miller behind the plate after the second time he made the mistake. Once could be an accident, but twice is the sign that something is actually very wrong here.

[h/t: @bkoo]

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