The Red Sox will be firing Bobby Valentine this week

This is something we've known for quite awhile, but now it's been confirmed by Jon Heyman of CBS: the Boston Red Sox will be firing manager Bobby Valentine after the season ends, likely on Thursday or Friday.

Valentine has been at the helm of the worst Red Sox season since 1965, which is the last time the franchise failed to win 70 games in a seven. The 2012 season is also the first since 1997 where the Sox will finish under .500. 2012 is also just the second time that the Red Sox will finish last in their division since divisional play was introduced in 1969.

Considering everything that has gone on this season around the Red Sox, including players meeting with the owners, Valentine threatening radio hosts, and very public clashes between Valentine and GM Ben Cherington, this ouster seemed inevitable. Hopefully this will teach the Red Sox ownership, who apparently pushed Valentine onto Cherington last offseason as their managerial choice, to let their GM do his job and not meddle in the day to day operations of the team. Yet, I have a feeling that they just won't learn their lessaon and try to get involved in the manager search again.

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