Pirates fans on Twitter hate Mark Appel

Stanford pitcher Mark Appel was projected to be the top pick in June's MLB draft. Appel fell to the Pirates at eighth, and the maximum amount that the Pirates could offer him without having to pay taxes on bonuses was in the neighborhood of $3.3 million. Because Appel could get more higher in the draft, he opted not to sign and will return to Stanford for his senior year. This has nothing to do with the Pirates, and has everything to do with the new draft bonus cap system implemented in the new CBA.

Of course, many people on Twitter don't understand that and immediately are decrying Appel for being greedy, and wishing harm on Appel. Warning: the below tweets are rather vulgar.






Classy, Pirates fans. Real classy. I wonder if these people realize that their very own top pitching prospect, Gerrit Cole, turned down $4 million from the Yankees in 2008 so he could go to school and get more money as a college junior…which he did, when the Pirates drafted him first overall last year and gave him an $8 million bonus. This isn't a "Mark Appel is a money-hungry, greedy jackass" issue. This is a "the new CBA is stupid" issue.

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