Gold Gloves announced to varying fanfare

Live on ESPN2 (and delayed by 15 minutes thanks to some sort of X-Games racing event), the MLB Gold Glove winners were announced this evening. The format was the same as last year, with "nominees" being announced online beforehand, and a winner being chosen from those nominees. Also, instead of three outfielders being chosen, there was one outfielder chosen for each of three outfield positions (left, center, and right field). This rule was instituted last season after it seemed like three center fielders were winning every year. The winners ended up being…

P: Jeremy Hellickson/Jake Peavy, Mark Buerhle
C: Matt Wieters, Yaider Molina
1B: Mark Teixeira, Adam LaRoche
2B: Robinson Cano, Darwin Barney
SS: JJ Hardy, Jimmy Rollins
3B: Adrian Beltre, Chase Headley
LF: Alex Gordon, Carlos Gonzalez
CF: Adam Jones, Andrew McCutchen
RF: Josh Reddick, Jason Heyward

Gold Glove awards aren't really worth getting worked up about, but there was some noticeable poor choices, most notably those of Rollins, Headley, Gonzalez, Jones, and McCutchen. The selection of Jones over Angels phenom Mike Trout is one of the more stunning in recent memory thanks to Trout's DRS being no less than 39 runs better than Jones'. Trout had the best DRS in center field in baseball, and Jones had the worst…funny how that works out, huh?

At any rate, there's nothing worth screaming about from the standpoint of a fan, but if I were a player that deserved one of these and I had a bonus in my contract, I'd be irritated about not getting it.

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