Dugout Digest – welcome to free agency

Well, we're here. At midnight, nine and a half hours ago, MLB's free agency period started. A pair of names were taken off the market before they even got there, after Seattle re-signed Hisashi Iwakuma for two years and Boston gave David Ortiz two years as well. We also had one more player nearly go off of the market after a reported deal between the Angels and Cubs would have swapped Dan Haren for Carlos Marmol, but the trade fell through. Haren's option was declined by the Angels, and he's now a free agent.

Phew. That's a pretty interesting day for the day before free agency. Around the corner, we finished our Free Agent Previews by looking at the Cardinals, Tigers, and Giants, and also touched on eight free agents that are going to end up overpaid this winter. We'll keep you posted on the signings that happen throughout the weekend (if any), and what other rumblings might pop up in the free agent market.

Enjoy your offseason, everyone.

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