Dugout Digest – one more win

Well folks, our 2012 season is about to wrap up. Today could very well be the last day of the season after the Giants took a 3-0 lead in the World Series on the Tigers on Saturday night.

Giants 2, Tigers 0

Regardless or whether the series ends tonight, tomorrow, Wednesday, or maybe even Thursday, it was a pretty amazing season. We saw rookies turn into superstars, we saw legends give their final hurrahs, we saw things we haven't seen in years, and perhaps most importantly, we've seen another fantastic baseball season that we will never forget. The end of the year might not happen yet…but it's coming this week, and the Giants are on the verge of winning their second World Championship in three years. Imagine what they could have done last year, when they finished four games out of a playoff berth, after Buster Posey got hurt at the end of May. This team is the pinnacle of the league, and they're doing it this season with their two-time Cy Young reliever coming out of the bullpen in the final series of the season.

-Giants vs Tigers. 8:00 PM. Matt Cain vs Max Scherzer (Giants 3-0)

Enjoy your day of baseball, everyone.

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