Dugout Digest – it’s officially the offseason

After yesterday's monster Blue Jays-Marlins trade, I think we can officially say that the offseason has begun. We also have our first major Twitter incident of the offseason involving a superstar (sorry, Todd Coffey), with that involving a very angry Giancarlo Stanton.

That wasn't all that's happened so far this week. Scott Baker agreed to a one-year deal with the Cubs (who could be on this list of offseason bargains next year), and the Giants continued the absurd carousel of reliever contracts by giving three years to Jeremy Affeldt. Speaking of free agency, I broke down some of the "early" $100 million contracts, most of which didn't turn out well for their teams.

We're also halfway through awards season, with Mike Trout and Bryce Harper winning the Rookies of the Year awards, and Bob Melvin and Davey Johnson being named Managers of the Year (an announcement that got overshadowed by the Marlins-Jays trade).The Cy Young awards will be announced on Wednesday, and the MVP awards will be announced on Thursday.

Going forward, the DD will come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We're going to have a lot of content coming out today, including lots of talk and analysis of the Marlins fire sale.

Enjoy your offseason, everyone. Also, my condolences to the heartbroken, pissed off Marlins fans out there.

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