Dugout Digest – gifts under the tree

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of the TOC readers out there! Due to the holiday falling on a Tuesday this year, and absolutely nothing happening on it, we're going to be preempting our Wednesday DD this week and rolling with just Monday and Friday editions. Also, there will be no new posts on Tuesday, so enjoy the holiday. Today, we've got two posts lined up in the hopper for you, so check both of them out before embarking on spending time with your friends and family.

But just because we're going to be a little light on content over the next two days, that doesn't mean that we haven't been busy lately! Over the weekend, we posted anlyses of several free agent signings, including those of Roberto Hernandez, Edwin Jackson, Cody Ross, AJ Pierzynski, Nick Swisher, and Raul Ibanez. We also brought you the news of Josh Hamilton claiming that the Rangers never gave him a contract offer, the tragic passing of former Reds utlityman Ryan Freel, and in a much lighter note, a version of Abbott and Costello's legendary Who's On First comedy routine performed by Jimmy Fallon, Billy Crystal, and Jerry Seinfeld.

Enjoy your holiday, everyone.

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