Dempster nixes trade to Atlanta

Remember two hours ago, when I wrote that Ryan Dempster looked to be on his way to Atlanta? Well, go ahead and forget I said anything about it. Dempster announced on his Twitter that there was no trade, and for emphasis, said he hadn't been hacked

As a ten and five player, Dempster has the right to veto whatever deal he wants. While it hasn't been explicitly stated, it's assumed that's what happened today with Dempster. The Braves and Cubs agreed to a deal, the Cubs took it to Dempster, and he shot them down. It's funny though, because the Braves were apparently #2 on Dempster's list behind the Dodgers, who backed off a Dempster deal this weekend.

David Kaplan of CSN Chicago confirmed the denial by Dempster, and then noted that Randall Delgado's agent hadn't been informed of a possible deal, signifying that maybe this wasn't as close as some people seem to have believed.

At any rate, if Dempster isn't willing to approve a trade to the Braves (well, yet), and the Dodgers aren't too interested in him….is he even going to get dealt? Those were the two top teams at the top of his wish list, and with his ten and five rights, he can do whatever the hell wants in regards to a trade. I'm thinking that someone might need to pony up some cash if they want Dempster, and if it's going to take that *and* a top prospect, I don't think he's going anywhere in the next eight days.

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