Cardinals, Mets introduce new alternate jerseys for 2013

The St Louis Cardinals and New York Mets have both jumped on the alternate jersey bandwagon for the 2013 season.

The new Cardinals jersey will be worn for Saturday home games and is a tribute to the team's 1932 jersey. It features "St Louis" on the front of the jersey for the first time in over 80 years.

Pretty slick, but it reminds me of the retro look that many teams seem to be going with in alternate jerseys recently. It seems like every team has to have some sort of variant of a cream jersey in their lineup.

The New York Mets are also introducing a pair new jerseys, but thankfully, there's no cream included. The Mets will have an alternate blue home jersey, and an alternate road blue jersey. It's currently unknown when exactly the team will wear each jersey, but I'd expect some sort of decision based on weekends like the Atlanta Braves do with their litany of alternate jerseys. The top picture below is the home jersey, and the bottom is the road jersey.

I'm a fan of the Mets jerseys. They're crisp, slick, and aren't overly complicated. White, orange, and blue are the only colors that a Mets jersey should be…get that black out of there.

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