Brandon McCarthy had surgery on his skull after getting hit on Wednesday

After A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy was hit in the side of the head yesterday by a line drive, I thought out loud that it didn't seem to be that bad. I was completely and utterly wrong. From an A's press release

After the incident occurred in the fourth inning yesterday, the A’s pitcher was taken to Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, where a CT Scan revealed an epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture.  Later in the evening, he was transferred to a nearby hospital, where a neurosurgeon performed a second CT scan and clinical examination, and surgery was recommended to relieve pressure from McCarthy’s head. 

The two-hour surgery was performed at approximately 9 p.m., with the procedure including the evacuation of an epidural hemorrhage and stabilization of the skull fracture.  Another CT Scan taken at 12:30 p.m. today demonstrated improvement from his previous scan, and the epidural hemorrhage had subsided.  McCarthy is currently resting in the critical care unit of the hospital.

This is terrifying. Completely and utterly terrifying. Thank god McCarthy is OK. When he got hit and sat up right away, I figured he was fine. Upon talking with some other people today, they thought the exact opposite. This is no longer an issue of "when will McCarthy pitch next?", but "when will McCarthy be able to resume life activities next?"

He's apparently going to recover fine from this, but that doesn't make things any less scary. The thoughts and prayers of the TOC staff are with Brandon after this horrifying incident.

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