Adam Greenberg will get his one last at bat

I'm not sure how many people have been following the Adam Greenberg story, but here's the jist of it: in 2005, 24-year old Chicago Cubs prospect Adam Greenberg made his major league debut, and was hit in the head by Florida Marlins reliever Valerio de los Santos on the first pitch of the game. Greenberg would suffer a concussion on the plunking, and would deal with post-concussion syndrome for years, never reaching the majors again. A campaign was started this summer to get Greenberg one more at bat in the majors, so it could hopefully end a lot better than his first plate appearance did. The Cubs declined the possibility of Greenberg making an appearance for them, but this *will* be happening, and it will be happening where his only plate appearance occured…in Miami, for the Marlins instead of the Cubs.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig granted a special exception for Greenberg, allowing him to get his at bat while not taking up a 40-man roster spot reserved for someone that the organization that has played all year. Now, when you hear about the Marlins in the news, it's usually for some sort of chaotic, disastrous PR event. But by granting Greenberg his final at bat, the Marlins are doing something right, even if it is probably just a PR stunt to give the organization some good facetime.

Good for the Marlins for doing something that can be looked at positively for once. Greenberg's at bat will come in Tuesday's Marlins game with the Mets, with RA Dickey scheduled to start for New York. I hope he's learned how to hit a knuckleball in his time away from the game.

[h/t: Yahoo]

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