Watch: Three Royals pummel Jimmy Kimmel with paintballs to settle bet

Bets between public figures on sporting events can often be lame. The mayor of one city bets the region’s favorite dish against the other city’s mayor, who offers up a case of his area’s best-known product. But celebrities can make such wagers more interesting, adding a little spice to events such as the World Series.

Mets fan Jimmy Kimmel made a bet with Modern Family star and Royals diehard Eric Stonestreet on the World Series, with the loser having to get shot with paintballs while standing in a bounce house. (That was the penalty chosen by the Wheel of Terrible Bets.) With the Royals winning the World Series on Sunday, Kimmel paid off his bet on Wednesday night’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live. But Stonestreet brought some help to light up the talk-show host with paintballs: Royals players Mike Moustakas, Jeremy Guthrie and Drew Butera.

Check out the video of Stonestreet, the Royals trio, Guillermo and Seth Rogen (who was there to promote his upcoming movie The Night Before) pummeling Kimmel:

That had to hurt. I’ve never been on the receiving end of a paintball barrage, but have worked with some enthusiasts and was shown the bruises and welts resulting from impact. Kimmel certainly can’t be blamed for attempting to hide from the onslaught behind a pillar. But I think it also would have been understandable if Stonestreet and crew asked him to step out to the middle and accept his punishment in full.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that Kimmel was nailed in the eye (while wearing goggles, of course) and the groin. Professional athletes have excellent hand-eye coordination and were surely able to slow everything down in their minds, take aim and hit the target.